WIP Wednesday

Today I stood along the path you had set for me

I stared at the worn footprints leading the way

I took a step and then one more before I turned to see

Where I had come from

How far I had gone

And what more was left ahead of me.

The stretch of endless oblivion mocked me with its length

I curled my fingers into fists and decided then and there

To leave that path that you had set for me

To forge ahead

And make another without you there

Meant only for me

Where the journey was mine and not yours

Where I could finally be free.

WIP Wednesday

For WIP Wednesday I decided to list all of my childhood crushes (or those that I can remember).

Title: Crushed

First there was Jesse. Blue eyed and blonde and so different from any other boy I had ever liked.

Then came Nathan. Tall and lanky and a little bit awkward

Casey had a bowl cut and chased girls around the playground

Matt had kind eyes and a shy voice and sat across from me in class.

Adam always made me laugh

Chris was next and was always so polite

Brian and I had science together and talked about Blink 182 a lot

Leigh had freckles splattered all across his face

Anthony was older and mysterious and we exchanged a glance

There was another Jesse in there somewhere. Blonde and blue eyes again. Guess that was a Jesse thing

Alex was tall and played basketball and hung out with a Chris

Then came Cameron who gave me my first kiss

A list of boys all faded memories in my mind, except the last, a list that reminds me that the past is just that, the past.

WIP Wednesday

I decided to share a section from the manuscript I finished last year. I revised it a couple of times and need to do another round but edits for my debut are currently ruling my writing life! It’s a YA Contemporary Romance titled Me Without You. My MC, Sasha, is dealing with a lot of change and questioning where she fits in her relationship with her long time boyfriend, Cody. Hope you enjoy!


My chest hurt by the time the bell rang, and I got out of there as fast as possible. Cody met me outside the door. His darks eyes lit and a smile spread when he grabbed for my hand.

“How was class?” He asked as everyone around us waved at him.

I locked my jaw and fought the rush of resentment.

“You okay?” Cody squeezed my hand.


“Oh-kay, but usually when you say you’re fine, you don’t actually mean fine. Do you need food?”

He lifted my hand and gave it a kiss.

The anger that assaulted me earlier receded a little. “No. Just have a lot on my mind. Sorry, didn’t mean to bite your head off.”

“Here,” Cody pulled out a chocolate. I grabbed it. “And this,” with his other hand he produced a flower. “It’s not real, because I know how you feel about getting real flowers.” It was wasteful. “But I figure it’ll look good in your locker.”

I took the pink rose and smelled it. “Did you spray perfume on this?”

He shrugged. “Wanted it to be as real as possible.”

Warmth spread across my heart. He could be really thoughtful at times.

Cody pulled me into another darkened alcove, which sounded more and more like the title to a movie about us.

“Cody, we have two minutes until the bell rings.”

“I know. Just wanted to kiss you.”

“Next Thursday can we go back to our usual post school ice cream and movie day?” I asked before he could lay one on me.

Cody hesitated, his lips hovering over mine. His eyes shifted to the ground before he finally met my questioning stare.

He cleared his throat. “I have plans.” He didn’t elaborate.

“But the season is over and you don’t have practice anymore.”

His arms tightened around my waist. “But basketball is about to start up and I need to work on my shot.”

The lie rested between us. Cody’s shot didn’t need work because he continued to condition even during the off season, no matter what sport he played at the time. Thursdays used to be one of our traditions he’d decided to drop last spring and I couldn’t figure out why. Another knot formed in my stomach. I trusted Cody, but I knew he had been keeping something from me and I hated the uncertainty and resentment it caused. I moved to say something, but he quickly kissed me.

“Stop worrying, Sash,” he whispered in my ear. “After tomorrow we’ll be us again.”

Us. What a novel idea. It used to always just be us.

“Okay,” I whispered, pushing away the intense desire to cry. “That’ll be nice.”

Nice. Normal. Cody, me, and what we used to be.