New Book Deal!

I am so excited to FINALLY announce the My Big, Fat Desi anthology!

Much like any book deal, I got this idea thanks to Twitter. Okay, that’s a joke…kind of. Back in the summer of 2020 I tweeted asking where all the Desi anthologies were. That tweet gained some traction, and I got this wild idea- why couldn’t I put together an anthology? I immediately reached out to some author friends and my agent (who asked if I was REALLY REALLY sure because she knew something I did not) and got to work. And boy was it A LOT of work. Anthologies are notoriously difficult and this one wasn’t the exception. I put a lot of hard work, tears, and love into it. Thankfully I had an awesome agent (Thank you V!) who helped guide me along the way and we were able to put together a pretty awesome proposal. (If any of you want to know how we went about putting this baby together, I’m happy to write a post about it.)

It took a while to get things moving, and there were a lot of stumbling blocks along the way (seriously, so many. I cried A LOT, people dropped out, I had to replace them, my agent retired, I freaked out. SO. MUCH. DRAMA. Much like the stories in the anthology lol). I’m just so happy with this incredible lineup of authors, they have been so supportive and excited from the start. And I adore Lauren, she is a true champion for this anthology and has been absolutely lovely to work with. I’m so happy we landed at Page Street, I know that we found the right home for these stories, and I cannot wait to share them all with you next spring!