WIP Wednesday

For WIP Wednesday I decided to list all of my childhood crushes (or those that I can remember).

Title: Crushed

First there was Jesse. Blue eyed and blonde and so different from any other boy I had ever liked.

Then came Nathan. Tall and lanky and a little bit awkward

Casey had a bowl cut and chased girls around the playground

Matt had kind eyes and a shy voice and sat across from me in class.

Adam always made me laugh

Chris was next and was always so polite

Brian and I had science together and talked about Blink 182 a lot

Leigh had freckles splattered all across his face

Anthony was older and mysterious and we exchanged a glance

There was another Jesse in there somewhere. Blonde and blue eyes again. Guess that was a Jesse thing

Alex was tall and played basketball and hung out with a Chris

Then came Cameron who gave me my first kiss

A list of boys all faded memories in my mind, except the last, a list that reminds me that the past is just that, the past.